The technological solution “Waste – to – Fuel – to – Energy” includes designing and the supply of “closed loop” facilities for the treatment of MSW.

Such a solution includes:

  • automated selection of MSW fractions
  • SRF (solid recovered fuel) production
  • design, supply and construction of boiler rooms with: “fluidized bed” boilers, boilers with a circulating “fluidized bed” or with fluidized bed stage gasifiers
  • heat and electricity generation

Technology for the Future

Solid CleanTech is an integrator of comprehensive waste management solutions that include technological solutions for the automated separation of MSW fractions and production of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel). One of the main technological solutions of the company is TYRANNOSAURUS technology. The capacity of one TYRANNOSAURUS line is 400 – 1200 tons of incoming MSW per day.

Using SRF fuel in Solid CleanTech’s solutions allows you to burn or gasify fuel in “fluidized bed” boilers together with the organic fraction, which reduces the process of sorting MSW and the production of fuel itself, increasing the% of fuel yield, minimizing the proportion of waste to be disposed of in landfills down to 5-15 % (depending on waste morphology), reduces emissions into the atmosphere, eliminates groundwater pollution, reduces the area of ​​landfills. Depending on the industrial potential of the region and manufacturing enterprises, the Solid CleanTech solution may include the selection of organic fraction, PET and other valuable fractions.


Solid CleanTech, as integrator, unites the leading European companies in the field of cleantech technologies. Team of professionals develop solutions individually case by case, forming a financial model, taking into account the needs and tasks of the customer, the region’s features and guaranteeing an optimal environmentally, technologically and economically rational solution.

Among Solid CleanTech’s main equipment there are TYRANNOSAURUS lines for automated MSW fractions separation and SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) production fuel, as well as equipment for heat and electricity generation.

Our mission

Fossil fuel substitution and saving of natural resources, reducing environmental footprint, implementing sustainable technologies.

Our priorities are:

  • ensuring environmental safety and respect for natural resources;
  • development of technologies to increase the share of processed waste and minimize the share of waste dumped on the landfill;
  • advanced thermal technologies;
  • openness and transparency;
  • responsibility.